Dual Core Vs Quad Core CPU


Quad core CPUs are fairly new to the scene and haven’t quite yet taken over from dual core processors at the time of writing. In this article we take a look at the dual core vs quad core debate and we explain quad core cpus and whether you should buy one.

A quad core processors means exactly that, it is made up of four processors. It’s pretty easy to understand that with a quad core inside your CPU, it will generally run faster than a single or dual core. So why haven’t quad cores taken over the market yet? Simply because they don’t always offer you a significant enough performance boost to need four cores, because the performance of a quad core CPU depends on which programs you run and the algorithms used in those programs.

A quad core CPU won’t always run four times faster than a single core CPU. When running simple programs, which most people do, you won’t see the need for a quad core. But if you’re playing the latest games or running intensive multithreaded applications then you will the power of four cores come through.

As an example, in a recent 3D game such as Crysis, a quad core computer will really help you out. Since there is so much going on at once in an intense game like this, the dual core vs quad core debate isn’t really a debate. The quad core will give you the best performance possible.

Quad core processors also excel with multitasking. You can be running many programs at once and you won’t lack any speed.

So do you really need to go quad core? Well it depends on what programs you’re running like I said, so it’s your own personal opinion. For some people you will get the same performance out of a decent dual core cpu so why bother? For others such as high-end gamers, you will benefit from a quad core.

However, in the near future things will obviously change. Dual core cpus will be in more demand as time goes in, and as programs get more complex.

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